For some of us dog owners the thought of leaving our fur babies behind when we go on holiday is stressful and you worry how they will cope with the change in routine and if they will stress themselves out while your off relaxing on a beach somewhere, when most of the time they are quite happy and content but for those it’s a must that our dogs come on holiday with us and there are evermore dog friendly places to stay with your dog to suite all budgets.

For me I’ve always mixed it up, I like a doggy free holiday and also enjoy sneaky weekends away with the boys as I feel 3 nights is enough to stay away with the dogs more due the limits you have in visiting places and having the leave them in a strange place while you go out.  So, I try to stick to more rural places with plenty of nice walks or dog friendly beaches and pubs. Places like in the lake district you can take the dogs on the boat trips with you as well which is good and means you can include them in all activities. I’m lucky I can go away a couple or more times a year usually last-minute bargain finds.

I’ve only every stayed in the UK with the dogs as I’ve not had the courage to take them as far as Ireland or France on the ferry yet, but I have read up as I’d love to now we have little Freddie to take them more places and the ferry companies seem very dog friendly and helpful with the requirements you need to travel overseas with your dog! Maybe soon and I can let you all know my experience!

There are plenty of dog friendly places in the UK however from self-catering caravans/lodges to B&Bs and hotels alike! From budget to ultimate luxury. From the well-known names such as Hoseason’s, Haven and Forrest holidays through to private rentals. There are specialist doggy holiday estate agents such as Pets Pyjamas who help people find the ideal holidays for them.

I suppose the things to consider are what you are wanting from your holiday and consider the following things…..

  1. Research the accommodation, check they will accommodate yours and your dog’s needs. Lot of places say they allow dogs but check the T&Cs of brining your dog and if they are any question you have make sure you ask before you travel. A lot of places won’t let you leave your dogs in the room/accommodation or some only allow 1 dog or only certain breeds of dog.
  2. Prepare for travel, traveling with dogs needs planning. Depending the length of the journey you need to prepare for stops to allow them to stretch their legs and have a drink etc. Ensure you have the correct safety features for travel for your dog. Weather that’s ensuring they are secure in a crate or you use a safety harness, so they are secured to the seatbelt.
  3. Plan your trip, aside from checking out what the accommodation offers for you and your dog. Ensure you research what things you plan to do on your holiday that they are also dog friendly and there are plenty of places to eat and drink that allow dogs too. If you plan to visit places you’re not allowed dogs, you can check out local dog services such as pet sitter/kennels in the area using our service directory. Also consider checking out the vets in the area so you know where they are in case of an emergency.
  4. Make a list of essentials, ensure you add your dog’s essentials onto your packing list. Ensure you consider things you may need to take for your dog such as enough of their food as a change in diet could upset their tummy! Things such as a doggy first aid kit, bed, shampoo and towels for your dog are a must! Ensure your dog has an up to date ID tag on just in case they get lost.
  5. Take your dog for a check-up before you go away, always a good idea for a quick once over at the vets before any trip away. Ensure with any overseas trip that any pet passports are up to date and they are wormed and have any flea and tick treatment before you travel.


Lastly enjoy your holiday!


Hopefully this helps a little with preparing to travel with your dog?

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