Happy Birthday to The Woof House on our first day LIVE! Plus a little intro to the team here.

Hello and welcome to the Woof House…We’re finally live after a long time planning & designing!

Our goal for The Woof House is to be the place to go for all things dog. A place to find services and products for your dogs and to swap doggy advice and discussions about life with dogs. Sharing the funny bits and maybe not so funny bits of owning dogs.

Currently it’s just me and my two four legged executive assistants….

Happy Birthday Woof House Buster

Buster who is the laziest Beagle X that lived. He loves sleeping and is generally a heat seeking missile, move off the sofa and he’s in your spot like a shot! Also, like most beagle’s eating is his other passion. His dislikes are cats and getting up in a morning!

Happy Birthday Woof House Freddie

In October 17 we welcomed this little fellow who we have named Freddie (or as I like just Fred!) He’s a little blue tan sable Cocker Spaniel… here he is having his first groom. He will be learning his new role at The Woof House in the months to come (as well as learning how to not wee or poop in the house!) plenty of puppy products to trial and test.

We hope you like the site and find it useful for all your doggy needs and if you have any suggestions to further improve the site or its functionality then we welcome the feedback so please use our contact us page.

I hope this will give you all an overview of what we’re all about and what we want to achieve. To be the place to go to for all things dog! #thewoofhouse #allthingsdog #busterthebeagle #freddiethecocker #dogmadpeople #spoiltdogs #dogdirectory #dogownerscommunity