As you probably already know a dog bring unconditional love to everyone they meet. The don’t judge there probably the only creature that will love you more than they love themselves!

There are so many decisions and considerations to make before you get a dog and here are some of the main points to check over before going to pick up you new fur baby.


  1. If you’re going to get a puppy or adopt an older dog?

Either will require a large amount of time and attention but will require different types of care.


  1. What breed or cross breed your thinking of getting?

Different breeds have different requirements and temperaments. Some are better with small children and big breeds will cost more to feed and others will require more exercise. The Kennel Club has a good guide for finding a breed to suite your lifestyle. It can be found HERE.

  1. Take into consideration ALL the costs

Once you’ve found a breed you think will fit your family then consider all the costs such as feeding, vets fees, worming, grooming etc.


  1. Ensure you have the time to properly introduce your new addition into your home

When you first get your new fur baby you will need to have plenty of time to get them settled into their new home and routine. Maybe if you work taking some time off to help get them settled.

  1. If you don’t already have a vet do some research into the local vets and get them registered.

Checking out the local vets and getting registered is essential to ensure everything’s set up just in case. If you’re getting a puppy booking ahead an appointment for their vaccinations is a start. Check out our VET listings in the directory.


  1. Ensure to allow extra time for training.

Puppy training classes are a great start especially if you’re a first-time dog owner. Check out our listings HERE


  1. Ensure you have all the basics.

Things such as food, bowels, bed, lead & collar. Even get a dog toothbrush and toothpaste (Never use human toothpaste there are special dog toothpastes you can get from the vets or pet stores) Yes dogs need their teeth brushing too!

  1. Ensure you home and garden are dog safe!

This isn’t just ensuring that the gardens fenced off, so your four-legged friend can’t escape but also ensuring your garden plants are safe and there’s nothing poisonous to dogs if eaten! A list of plants can be found on the kennel club site HERE

  1. We all love to treat our dogs but make sure there ok for dogs!

A lot of human foods are very toxic to dogs. Most of us know that chocolates the big one but also things like onions and grapes! A full list can be found on the PDSA website.

  1. Research your dog’s grooming needs.

Some breeds such as the cockerpoo claim to be maintenance free but are one of the highest maintenance coats to look after due to how easy it is for them to get matted and need regular brushing and grooming to ensure they don’t get in a mess. You can find a list of dog groomers right HERE on The Woof House site. Reviewed and recommended by their customers.

  1. If you’re at work during the day maybe doggy day care or a dog walker will be needed and factor in this expense!

For some people that are at work all day decide to use a day care service where you pooch goes to a day care centre or goes with a dog walker for the day so they’re not on their own all day. Some chose to just have someone come at one point in the day to take them for a walk. If you choose one of these services, ensure you check out your local ones to ensure they have good recommendations and the relevant insurances etc. The Woof House directory has a list of dog walkers HERE where you can check out reviews and services offered.

  1. And lastly enjoy your new addition and give them plenty of love! I guarantee you will get tonnes of love back in return!