A lot of people even before getting a dog have to consider that we will have to leave our fur babies on their own for longer periods than we would like to. Weather that’s for work or trips?  

However some people have the benefit of being able to take their do got work with them or have family they trust to come see to fido while they are at work or even have them at their house for the day.

Unfortunately for most we have to look into other options for our dogs while we are at work.

Now not all dogs need someone with them all the time, different breeds have different temperaments some get bad separation anxiety and some don’t, some will need more exercise than others so will need a good walk before you go out but will be fine then for a good few hours. Every dog is different!

I’ve had 4 dogs and everyone’s been different, we had a little cocker spaniel who we got to keep our other cocker spaniel company. As we had both changed job and had gone from working different shifts to working full days so he was left on his own longer and he wasn’t really too bothered about it but we felt it would be nice for him to have some company during the day. But the pup just didn’t settle even with my older dog with him and he was stressing my older dog out and destroying the house in the process! No matter what we tried, nothing was working and we had to make the hard decision to rehome the pup, and luckily we had some friends and one of them was at home all day, and as a result the pup then thrived!

What are the options?

So I feel it’s a bit of trial and error, allow time at the start to settle your new addition take a couple of weeks and get them used to their new surroundings and weather you decided to crate train them (which I’ve never done) or leave them with a certain room in the house while you’re out trial leaving them for say ½ an hour one day then slowly increase the time and try to keep in a routine of when you leave them to do the same thing so they associate it with you going out. This is personally how I feel has helped me with our dogs? But isn’t what everyone would say is the best way to train them to be left alone. Purely my experience in this area.

Sometimes you need to consider more for your dog if you’re out all day like taking on a dog walker or taking your dog to doggy day care or using a pet sitter? All are good options and it’s just which one suites you.

Where to find these services..

You can find a list of dog walkers and dog sitters on our directory site here.

Or why not ask for some help on our friendly forum here.

Or if your having trouble settling or training your dog why not see if a dog trainer or behaviorist could help with the situation you are in?